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Shipping policy

The Service Provider delivers the order within 1-3 business days (expedited shipping) or 5-7 business days (standard shipping) after the confirmation of the order with the assistance of the DHL, to the address having been provided by the Customer.

The Customer is obliged to pay the transport price to the Service Provider in accordance with the contents of Point IV of this ÁSZF. The transport price is different depending on the destination of the delivery, according to the following:

The delivery deadlines written in this point are only informative ones and not binding for the Service Provider. The actual delivery deadline always appears in the confirmation of the order. The Customer is obliged to receive the item at the time indicated in the order confirmation or having been agreed on by the customer service of the Client. If the Customer does not receive the product after two attempts for delivering it, the carrier transports the product back for the Service Provider the costs of which are burdened on the Customer.


*If you order outside of Customs Union then you have to declare your customs regulated by your own country.