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Noni (Morinda Citrofol)

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Noni (Morinda Citrofol)

Morinda citrifolia, or noni, is a tropical fruit-bearing plant that has a long history of use in traditional medicine and is known for its potential health benefits. It is valued for its various bioactive compounds. 

🍃 Antioxidant Properties: Noni is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C and various phytochemicals, that can help combat oxidative stress and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

🌱 Immune Support: Some people use noni for its potential to support the immune system and protect against infections.

🩸 Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Noni is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial for reducing inflammation in the body.

💡 Pain Relief: It may have analgesic properties and is sometimes used to alleviate pain, including joint pain and headaches.

🌿 Traditional Medicine: Noni has a long history of use in traditional medicine systems in various regions, including Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Southeast Asian cultures, for various health purposes.

🌾 Digestive Health: Noni is sometimes used to support digestive health and alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal issues like indigestion and constipation.

🍃 Skin Health: Topical applications of noni oil or noni-based skincare products are used for their potential to improve skin health and reduce skin irritations.

🌊 Cardiovascular Health: Some studies suggest that noni may have a positive impact on heart health by reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

🌿 Respiratory Health: Noni has been traditionally used for respiratory issues, such as coughs and asthma, due to its potential to soothe the respiratory tract.

🌼 Anti-Cancer Properties: Some research has explored noni's potential anti-cancer properties, although more studies are needed in this area.

Features and description:

  • NON GMO!
  • Expertly extracted Noni ALCOHOL-FREE liquid extract!
  • Noni Glycerite contains ONLY natural ingredients! Alcohol Free! Gluten Free! Non-GMO!
  • High Quality Noni NON-Alcohol liquid extract - we use classic conventional methods of extraction! We meticulously produce our extracts according to precise standards where each herb is extracted according to the distinct characteristic of each plant!
  • Super concentrated Noni Glycerin based liquid extract: dry material / solvents ratio is 1:3!
  • We strictly use Only Certified Organic or ethically sourced wild harvested raw material, vegetable palm glycerin and crystal clear artesian purified water! Really the BEST Noni herbal glycerite on market! Made with love for plants and respect for Nature!


is a plant that grows into a small tree of about 10 feet in height and is native to Polynesia. The fruit is the size of a potato and has pineapple like spots on it. It turns bright yellow when it is ready for picking. The fruit has a strong, very unpleasant smell and bitter taste. Noni was mentioned in Ayurvedic texts well over 1000 years ago as Ashyuka, which means longevity, and was used as a balancing agent. The fruit itself is quite odoriferous, which makes the powdered form a more palatable way in which to take noni. Unlike other fruits, the noni has no "season", so it can be harvested every month from the same tree.

Additional Information about the product:

Main Ingredients: Certified Organic Noni (Morinda Citrofol) dried fruits. Origin: India.

Strength: Dry plant material / solvents ratio 1:3 w/v.

Please note: There is unfiltered extract in 32 oz jar. 32 oz jars contain some plant material inside!

Solvents: Other ingredients: vegetable palm glycerin, crystal clear water.

Additional information about ingredients: Contains NO Alcohol, GMO, gluten, heavy metals, artificial colors, preservatives or synthetic fertilizers.

Indications: Do not use if seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool dry place.

Safety information: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your practitioner if any adverse reactions occur. Excessive consumption may impair ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy equipment.

Suggested use and dosage: Shake well before use. 20-30 drops, three times a day or as directed by your practitioner. The best way to use liquid herbal glycerites is to put the suggested amount in a glass of water, tea, or juice and drink the entire contents. Glycerites can also be administered directly into the mouth without the assistance of water however some glycerites are unpalatable which is why most people prefer to dilute them into a beverage.